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Children's Song Festival "Let Us Sing"

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Choirs in Pop & Rock

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Suitcase Festival

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Autumn in Old Plovdiv

The Festival „Autumn in Old Plovdiv“ is a stage for young musicians, actors, artists and dancers at the beginning of their professional career. The Foundation invites individual performers and artists from 18 to 30 years of age, but this stage is also open to choir, orchestras, dance groups, theatrical groups.

Throughout the years, the festival has included artists, actors and artists from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Israel, USA, Macedonia, Austria, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, France and, of course, Bulgaria.

The aims of the festival are to further develop the idea of cultural exchange between the identities of the different nations by enabling all those who practice art and love it to come to Bulgaria and here to create together.

The unique blend of youth and the challenge of meetings with ancient culture is another goal that we, the organizers, put at this festival. In their meetings young artists discover and experiment new forms of stage appearances.

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