About The Jeunesse Musicale Foundation

The Jeunesse Musicale Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in Bulgaria in 1994 with the mission to promote young creative artists and provide for the exposure of their talent worldwide.

Established with the belief that, after all, our greatest legacy to the future generations is culture, the Jeunesse Musicale Foundation is dedicated to the improvement and dissemination of the visual and performing arts, as well as the study and preservation of the arts and culture.

The Foundation has always supported projects that promote values in line with its particular interests in the promotion of art, that have clearly defined goals, and that are innovative and risk-taking while acknowledging traditional standards of excellence and responsibility to the art form.

JMF works in the field of art-synthesis, including music, dance, visual arts, theatre, design, and creative writing.

The Foundation also administers the prestigious annual international art Festivals: “Autumn in Old Plovdiv” in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, "Festival of Light", "Camerata" chamber music festival etc. and is the producer of various performances and exhibitions of talented musicians, dancers, actors and artists from all continents.

JMF brings the arts to everyone who wishes to partake in the richness of our culture, and to those who have limited access to the arts and education in these fields. Young artists are perfect role models, teachers for youth because their proximity in age engenders trust, yet their utmost dedication to the Arts, and talent inspires everyone around them to excel. Young artists are passionate and have the desire to change, to create without the boundaries imposed by stereotypes.

Community Outreach

JMF focuses on local communities in order to promote awareness of classical arts. We are committed to making the arts an integral part of our culture. Young artists perform at local venues like community centers, churches, small concert halls and any “chamber” environment suitable for concerts, exhibitions, dance, readings, and plays—all of which we conceive as chamber performances. Our artists interact with audiences during and after such events and make the entire experience personal for the participants.


JMF is a coalition of artists and community members. It is a dynamic company that flourishes on cooperation where every individual can become a focal point for a new artistic beginning. Its fluid, flexible structure allows for creativity and innovative thinking, and the executive officers of the company are always available to members and anyone who wishes to communicate their ideas.

Educational Outreach

Now, more than ever, there is a need to make art education accessible to every community. By using the arts to provide an alternative to the culture of violence and intolerance, we wish to inspire creativity and optimism in today’s youth. Our artists skilled at music and other forms of expression are eager to inspire a love of the arts in a new audience by performing and sharing their talents.